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“Alex is a joy to work with, she’s super efficient, calm under pressure and a very safe pair of hands. I highly recommend her.”
— Charlie Stanfield, Head of Indy8
I’ve rarely worked with anyone who possesses such drive, such clarity of vision in terms of what she wants to achieve. Alex is hardworking, smart, confident and, importantly, a lot of fun. It’s a great combination.
— Tom Batchelor, Executive Director, Studio Entertainment, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Alex is a fantastic producer to work with. Not only does she understand the international marketplace but she is also excellent at handling talent and managing personalities. She produces and delivers first-class quality films. I look forward to working together with her in the years to come.
— Caroline Couret-Delègue, Director of Truffle Pictures
Alex is that rarity in the film business - a brilliant, accomplished producer who also understands distribution and exhibition. It is a delight working with her - too often producers attempt to operate within a vacuum away from the commercial front end.
— Jezz Vernon, Managing Director, Redeeming Features
Alex has fantastic ideas, is so proactive, and doesn’t stop until the job is done! She is a pleasure to work with and nothing is too difficult or demanding. She forms great relationships with people in order to make the most quality and creative projects.
— Charlotte Trotman, Producer, VCCP
I had the pleasure of working with Alex for 5 years at Fox. She is a professional, bursting with enthusiasm, ambition and pleasantness and also a real team player. One of her many strengths was anything to do with organisation, as her role was constantly expanded over the years to try and keep up with her learnings and ambition. I’m so proud to see how well she has progressed within the industry.
— Andrew Turner - UK/Eire Sales Director 20th Century Fox
Alex is not only a smart producer, she’s a great ally. I really do love working with her! She’s hardworking, thorough, and a great person! Filmmaking can be grueling but Alex helps make the process enjoyable while at the same time, staying true to the creative vision of the project. It’s rare and very appreciated when you find someone like this to work with. I’m very excited about our upcoming film and hopefully many more down the road!
— Laura Boersma, Co-Writer/Producer (INDISCRETION, TASTINGS)
Alex was a total pleasure to work with, she was knowledgable, super efficient and could handle a heavy work load with ease. Can’t wait to work with her again!
— Emma Moxhay, Producer, VCCP
I have known Alex for many years. She is one of the most experienced and forward thinking producers I know. Alex has always managed to tread the fine line between making sure Heads of departments with their crew are in line with the budgetary requirement’s, without compromising the end films integrity. At the same time she has always kept the team on side and with a very positive attitude she consistently gets the best out of people on her team. Whether it’s a big or small budget, Alex has all of the experience and humour to make the best possible result for any project.
— David Meadows, Cinematographer, Bafta and Emmy nominated
I worked with Alex on a project that was logistically very complicated, and involved an entire month of night shoots. Alex always had the brilliant energy we all needed to spur us on - even at 4am - while also juggling a hundred and one other problems that had to be solved. She manages to be a consummate professional, a very easy, relaxing person to work with and a complete tour de force!’
— Emily Berrington, Actor (HUMANS, 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY)
Alex Bentley is someone who can bring well targeted, professional, business and organisational skills to a creative environment and keep things focused.
— Dave Morrison, Partner at Nyman Libson Paul